Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There's an App for that

Does your school system allow you to use iPhones, iPads or iPods in your school? If so, then you may be interested in these apps that can be used in the learning process. The recent issue of eSchoolNews has provided a list of apps that can “automate current classroom processes or present new ways to learn.”

Free Apps
  1. Word Lens
    • Translates signage from one language to another through the camera applicatio
  2. Blackboard Molecules
    • Students can enroll into classes or organizations and download posted assignments from instructors
  3. Today in History
    • Features a list of notable events in history and important figures students can use for trivia quizzes or facts of the day
  4. Math Ref Free
    • This free version of Math Ref offers 600 formulas, figures, tips and examples that students can use as a formula study guide or to view graphs of different equations
Apps for a small fee
  1. P183 Graphing Calculator        Cost $0.99
    • Features more than 100 math functions and is a clone of the TI-83
    • Students can use as a calculator to input data and make graphs or matrices
  2. Star Walk                               Cost $2.99
    • Features an astral telescope for guided tours of the night sky or to find the location of astral objects
  3. Cram                                      Cost $3.99
    • Teachers and students can create flashcards for standardized tests, exams or study materials
  4. eCLicker                               Cost $9.99
    • Can be used in place of CPS, Activotes or Senteos in the classroom

How can you use iPhones, iPads and iPods in your classroom?  Or how can your students use these apps at home to help them learn and achieve?

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